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Supplying premium quality Kava for kava drink, Kava Tea and Kava bar lovers in New Zealand, Australia, USA & worldwide

Quality Kava Drink

Kava Farm provides only the best quality Tongan Kava Drink raw product sourced ethically through natural farming techniques. Our Tongan Kava is unique and is a proven first class premium quality product from natural farming techniques.

A family Kava tradition

Kava has been an integral aspect of life in Tonga since the 10th Century. The Kava ceremony being carried out at funerals, weddings, courting, sealing relations and gathering of men. Through generations the Muller Family have cultivated Kava, letting the Kava grow between mango trees, taro plants, and coconut palms.

Why drink Kava?

Pacific Islanders have known for centuries that kava root drinks induce a sense of calm and even euphoria. They often use kava in social settings, where its calming properties increase a sense of community wellbeing. Find out more about this unique and much loved plant.

Is Kava safe?

kavalactonesKava, if consumed correctly, is very safe. The World Health Organization’s Codex Alimentarius concluded that kava has had at least a 1,500 year history of relatively safe use, and that kava used in the traditional way is safe for human consumption…

How do you make Kava tea?

Traditionally, a drink of kava is prepared like you might brew a tea. The kava root powder is added to a straining bag, e.g., a muslin cloth. There’s no need to be strict about what type of straining bag you use — even women’s panty hose has been used effectively. The important thing is…

How does Kava work?

The Latin name for kava kava is Piper Methysticum, which translates as “intoxicating pepper”. Kava works on the limbic system of the brain through its active ingredients, known as kavalactones. These ingredients…


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