Our Kava Farms

Through generations we have cultivated Kava

We have learned to take care of God’s gift and let Kava grow between our mango trees, taro plants and coconut palms.
Our Tongan Kava is unique and shows first-class premium quality. We have 3 main family farms across ‘Eua and Tongatapu with extended family farms on Vava’u. Our purpose-built kava processing plants are on Eua and Tongatapu.

Lifuka Farm, Eua Island


Hans’ farm is located on the mountainous island of Eua just to the east of Tongatapu. Hans has 24 acres of premium Kava planted.

Nukunuku Farm, Tongatapu


Owen and his team nurture and cultivate 3 acres of Kava near his family home in Nukunuku. He also has a Kava nursery with 10,000 seedlings growing in a well shaded and irrigated area.

Fatai Farm, Tongatapu


Paulo’s family farm is right next to Owens farm.  Paulo has 8 acres and a nursery which can also house up to 10,000 seedlings.

Paulo Muller

Processing Facility, Eua & Nukunuku


We have 2 purpose built kava processing plants. Our main facility is on the property of Hans Muller on the island of Eua right next to the port. Our other facility is on Owen Mullers property on Tongatapu. Combined the plants have the capability to process upwards of 15,000 kgs a year.

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